What is the most important element of a landscape photograph? Light? Composition? The right moment? For me, it is feeling. The feeling you get when out in the wilds, being lashed by rain then warmed by a glimpse of the sun. The feeling of exhilaration when the land and weather combine to thrill with sublime beauty. Or even the feeling of disappointment that I haven't managed to achieve the shot I wanted but was still able to appreciate the beauty of the  landscape in all its guises.


To me, 'traditional' landscape photography is very idealistic, showing off the perfect version of a scene that, nine times out of ten, would fall short of a photographer's expectations. That is not the British landscape I know and love. A landscape that is forever changing with alterations in light, weather and mood. I will never go out in search of a perfect shot, I simply appreciate every moment and photograph what encapsulates how I feel at that time.


As you will see from my portfolio there are very few perfect blue skies with fluffy white clouds, no idyllic thatched cottages with burgeoning floral gardens, just the rugged beauty of a landscape, off the beaten track. I have never been one to look in books and think, I must go and photograph that place, simply because it has been photographed already, probably by millions of other photographers. What I want to capture is something new, providing a different perspective.


For me, photography is about exploration. Each and every image I make is a new discovery. The landscape is diverse, I like to photograph it's true nature, not how we imagine it would look in an ideal world.



Tom is based in between Leeds and Bradford in West Yorkshire, known as 'The Flat Capped Photographer,' he is a proud Yorkshire Man. In 2012 he left a career in website design to pursue a growing interest in photography, studying for an MA in Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster. Whilst studying he set up his own photography tutoring business 'Yorkshire Photo Walks,' which continues to grow to this day.


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