Tom's photography echoes his deep philosophical view on the world. Verging on the minimalist, it draws on his Autistic traits to exhibit an alternative way of looking.


Tom's influences include: minimalist art, the New Topographic movement in photography, a kindred association with the outdoors, geography and his own experiences with Asperger Syndrome.


Tom's work emanates latent feelings of social displacement as he tries to make sense of what lies before him. Simple lines, light and contrast act as an attempt to place order upon a complex social landscape. Each and every photograph Tom makes is a personal journey of discovery.


Tom's Projects such as 'The Yorkshire Dales Photographic Grid Project' (2016-17) and 'Neurotypicals' (2013-14) have gained much appreciation. In 2012 Tom set up his own photographic tuition company, 'Yorkshire Photo Walks,' teaching budding photographers out in the field.


He has an MA in Photographic Studies from the University of Westminster.